Azher Ahmed Previews SXSW Interactive

South by Southwest is upon us. Azher Ahmed, SVP/Director of Digital Operations at DDB Chicago, sounds off on what he’s most looking forward to during the 2015 Interactive Festival.

  1. Bitcoin presence – There’s almost a sub-conference happening within the SXSW Startup village dedicated to Bitcoin and virtual currency. A lot of the players will be there and it will be enthralling to hear their vision of where transactions and currency in general are headed.
  2. Lyft – For an event that’s been so heavily Uber-driven, it will be interesting to see the Lyft CEO take the stage and share his thoughts on the future of transportation. I hope it’s something that, at the very least, adds texture or distinction from Uber’s often-criticized approach.
  3. Gigya – In an era of data/security and privacy concerns, they’re doing some exciting things around social identity. I look forward to hearing how they are positioning their new focus to brands and agencies
  4. McDonald’s – It’ll be fun to participate in the startup pitches that McDonald’s is hosting and see what comes out of it in terms of a better convenience for their consumers.

You can catch Azher on Saturday, March 14th at the Hilton Austin where he will be moderating the following startup panel: Wire-free and Worry-Free: The time for wireless charging is now.

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