Four Takeaways From Google Firestarters

The evolution of Planning and integration of Experience Design was the running theme of Saturday’s Firestarters event at the Google Fiber space in downtown Austin. The 15th installment of Firestarters was hosted by curator Neil Perkin, Founder of Only Dead Fish, Co-creator of the Fraggl Twitter curation app.

Here are some key takeaways from the event:

Russell Davies, Director of Strategy, Government Digital Service: A plainspoken Davies offered simple advise to the audience, revealing the simple truth that nothing is in fact new saying, “Fix the basics.”

Oonie Chase, Director of UX Design, Weiden and Kennedy: W+K’s Oonie offered contradictory anecdotes to building her argument in favor of UX Design, advocating for what she calls the: “Minimal lovable product.”

Chloe Gottlieb, SVP/ECD, R/GA: Chloe can tell the difference between good UX and bad UX. But, how do you know when it’s good and when it’s bad?  Her advise is to ask yourself these questions: Is it true? Does it fit in? Is it interesting? Is it clear?

Ian Spalter, Consumer UX Lead, YouTube: Spalter relies on algorithms to represent an identity or behavioral system as UX manager. In his calculated approach, the tech industry veteran believes that Creatives create fiction, and fiction is ultimately false.

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