SXSW PanelPicker 2017: Cast Your Vote Before September 2


The 2017 SXSW Interactive PanelPicker is now open for community voting until September 2nd and we want your vote! DDB and Tribal Worldwide’s offices have submitted eight total panel entries that are eligible for inclusion in this year’s Interactive festival. You can read more about each panel below, and can vote for your favorite via the PanelPicker here. We encourage you to check them out and be sure to vote – your feedback is greatly appreciated!

DDB New York

Forum For GoodMeet Up


Good ideas and innovation can change lives, improve health, social conditions and understanding. Good ideas are NOT like children: they should be seen and heard, especially in their infancy. They need the right shaping to reach their full potential, then help to reach the people they can help most. Let’s mind meld for the greater good. Meet up with some of the minds of DDB, the agency that used AR to help non-migraine sufferers understand the condition, created a drinkable book that filters unsafe water, social activation Check It Before Its Removed breast exam, and used WhatsApp to let parents speak to hospitalized children through stuffed animals. Let’s Meet Up and do some good. And beer.


  • Cheryl Horsfall, DDB New York

Alma DDB

Your Last Emoji


We’ve all done it – read or sent a text while driving. Yet, eight people are killed and 1,161 are injured every day in the U.S. due to distracted driving. During Distracted Driving Awareness Month, one of the largest mobile service providers, Sprint, and ad agency ALMA DDB, transformed a wrecked car into a wrecked emoji to provide drivers with a visceral reminder of the perils of distraction. Is that text really the “lasting impression” you want to leave as your mark on the world? Or could it maybe wait a few minutes? Join Sprint and ALMA DDB for this session to see how major brands are utilizing ad resources to deliver messages with more in mind than just the next sales quarter.


  • Luis Miguel Messianu, Alma DDB

The Z’s Are coming!


Move over millennials, most businesses feel like they have a handle on this audience. It’s time to start discovering the next demographic headed our way: Generation Z. The oldest of them are fast approaching 20 and they are the most multicultural on record, over-indexing on Hispanic. They will be the most educated Hispanic generation in the U.S., ever. We need to prepare now for the economic opportunities the Z’s will bring as they begin to come of age in the next decade.

Join ALMA DDB’s research team to learn more about the next buzzword generation and its power.


  • Marta Insua, Alma DDB

The Mad Men Regression


It’s cheaper and easier to pitch one idea to a mass audience, but also less effective. In today’s world, social media and advanced technology give us the opportunity to create personal and relevant messages for multiple audience segments. So, why are advertisers still rolling Mad Men style segments, defaulting to a one-size-fits-all strategy? Is it to cut costs or has creativity in the industry become lazy? A lack of personalized content may cost less, but the impact will be felt by the brand’s bottom line. Join ALMA DDB and Clorox to learn when it makes sense to produce a “one-size-fits-all” vs. a personal and direct message to your consumers.


  • Michael Sotelo, Alma DDB

Will the Internet Ever Run Out of Space?


How wide is the World Wide Web? Every year, we exponentially increase the amount of stuff we upload to the Internet and there’s a cost. The cloud is real. A single Internet data center can waste over 100 million gallons of water a year. Almost 10% of Earth’s electricity is allocated to cloud streaming and wireless networks. What are the environmental implications of our Internet addiction? Will wearables wear out the planet? Will cat videos kill actual cats? As leaders in the communications industry, we have the power to help people power down. Join ALMA DDB to find out what our future will be like if we keep up this rate of Internet clutter and if there’s anything we can do about it.


  • Gabriel Ferrer, Alma DDB

DDB Colombia

With Sun Hats, Even at Night the Sun Comes Out


Colombia has reinvented itself through innovation. But in rural Colombia, time has stopped. Millions live in places almost impossible to reach and don’t have access to any type of public service. EPM, needed to introduce to them its solar energy program. To do this we had to let them know what solar energy is about, integrate it into their lives and let them see the benefits of it in their daily routine. We used one of the most symbolic elements of our culture: the hat, and integrated it with existing solar technology. Sun Hats, solar powered hats that charge during the day and at night light up. Sun Hats adapted relevant technology to our public’s lifestyle in a way that made a difference.


  • Leo Macias, DDB Colombia

DDB Australia – Sydney

Creative Technology Ideas & Innovative Advertising


A look into how we are creating ideas that connect people with brands.

We’ll take a look at how to come up with great ideas that leverage technology, whilst making the experiences human.

Recently our campaign for the Sydney Opera House used smart technology and social media to turn photos of this iconic building on Instagram into incredible experiences inside by inviting users to #comeonin.

Technology should always make experiences better.

“Technology and social media can provide anyone around the world with a view of the Sydney Opera House, not an experience. Our use of technology opens the building for all to see, inviting them in whilst remaining
invisible throughout.”


  • Shaun O’Connor, DDB Group Australia

Tribal Australia – Melbourne

Plug In and Create: How tech shapes creativity


Technology and the rapid pace of innovation is having a profound influence upon our lives.

One particularly pertinent sphere that it is impacting is our creativity – from our processes through to what we’re producing. Whilst data and the tools we use are creating unprecedented possibilities, there are also perils that we need to discuss and be conscious of.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach with three people at the cutting edge of their respective fields, this panel will explore how research, innovation, communication and the arts are being transformed by some of the most cutting edge technological innovations of today and consider what the future may look like.


    • Brent Smart, Saatchi & Saatchi New York
    • Neale Cotton, The Lab
    • Emily Siddons, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image
    • Daniel Bluzer-Fry, Tribal Worldwide
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