The One Thing People Can’t Miss in Austin Might Be the One Thing They Can’t See

In keeping with our trend of staying refreshed at SXSW this year, DDB San Francisco talks about how the Invisible Museum is a moment of creative calm within the storm that is the SXSW Interactive festival.

SXSW is pretty loud, right? Hundreds of thousands of people, three different conferences, parties on top of parties, free-flowing Lone Star and lax open container laws make this a damn rambunctious event. It’ll never be not enough and there’s a good chance it’ll be too much.

The team from DDB San Francisco has a solution for the overloaded and over-served. Oh, and it happens to be an incredible project that we made for Qualcomm, if we do say so ourselves. Meet the Invisible Museum, an exhibition where Qualcomm’s largely invisible innovations become something you can’t miss. The company’s technology is in billions of connected devices, but most people have no idea it’s there. The Invisible Museum brings those all to life.

The concept came about when our creative team, unbriefed, wondered how to bring Qualcomm’s invisible and unbranded creations to the world in a unique way. Once the concept was approved, we worked with the highly-accomplished crew from Nexus London to build the augmented reality experience. Invisible Museum debuted at CES and just had its passport stamped at Mobile World Congress. 

The Invisible Museum will be on display at the Mashable house, The Main at 610 East 6th St., and our team from San Francisco will be there to say hi. So, skip out on your 73rd startup party, take a break from the Tito’s and come by for a relaxing departure from South By. 

DDB San Francisco